Genius hour reflection sheet

Mar 31, 2015 · « Chocolate Chip Sheet Cookies. Student Led Conference Term Two » Genius Hour Two Reflection. March 31, 2015 by dylhan14. 1: My project was about the deep web. GENIUS HOUR. About the Genius Hour Handouts, etc. 1st Period English II STEM Honors 2nd period-English III STEM 3rd Period-English II Powered by ... Support your children to record their ideas for genius hour with this independent mind map sheet.Tags in this resource: Girl-Thinking-Thought-Bubble--Child-Gymnastics-PE-Move-KS2.png Genius Hour: Our Promise to Students That Their Passions Matter. What are your hopes and dreams for this school year? Many teachers ask students this question at the start of every school year. It sets the stage for awesome learning to follow. Genius Hour & Passion Projects ... SOCIAL STUDIES ASSIGNMENTS. Each button has been labelled with the name of the assignment. ... Chinese New Year Reflection & Rubric. One of the proudest moments I have had this year is when one of my kiddos who struggles with writing has produced a poster all about the Mona Lisa, he was so fascinated by the painting and the artist that he would ask to work on his project before school and in any spare time he had.