Taso baseball pay sheet

IRS W-9 TASO - Tarrant Chapter Crew Cards Pay Sheet UIL Game Report UIL Incident Report TAPPS/Private School Incident Report TASO Insurance Program Insurance Claim Forms Part A Insurance Claim Forms Part B TASO FOOTBALL OFFICIALS RANKINGS AND POINTS Division 1 660 Points (150 of which are varsity games) Division 2 360 Points (80 of which are varsity games) Division 3 180 Points Division 4 60 Points Division 5 0 Points GAMES High School or College Varsity Game = 2 points (30 max annually) Sub-Varsity Game = 1/2 point baseball division teams: $18 $15 area band 2 - 40 mile radius band 1 - 30 mile radius quarter finals varsity $70 sub varsity (regular game) sub varsity (time limit game) $70 $60 signature of official travel reimbursement time limit of 90 minutes or less $50 sub varsity $60 total total due official (game fees + travel reimbursement) total metro ... Welcome to the South Plains Chapter! This is the home of the South Plains Chapter of Football Officials. If you are looking to join us on the gridirion, please feel free to join us at our next chapter meeting, the schedule can be found here on this page. volleyball division 2019 invoice for match officiating services (each official must complete and submit for payment) match location match date Apologies, PayPal is currently unavailable. Please mail payment to: TASO Dallas P O Box 806 Wylie, Texas 75098